ShapeHouse – Sydney’s Best Gym


At ShapeHouse, we have a great selection of classes to suit all our members.  All our classes are run by world class trainers and coaches, and catered to individual and group needs. Our team work with you one on one and plan the right program, to not only help you reach your goals, but to surpass what you even thought was possible!

The difference between ShapeHouse and the rest

It’s not only our wide range of equipment and class offerings that make us the best Kogarah Sydney Gym, it is our world class coaching staff and personalized approach to training, health and fitness. You are getting a LOT more than a membership, you are becoming a member of our family.
The explosion of the health and fitness industry has seen many operators enter this market and set unrealistic expectations, false promises and ‘one size fits all’ approaches. We have stripped it back to the basics, and are focused on working with our family to promote a positive, healthy and fun environment for all people.

A personalised approach to set and exceed your fitness goals

A fun, safe and friendly community of motivated people on their own journey

World class boxing training facilities and Coaches

The most diverse range of classes and options ANYWHERE

Ongoing Support, advice and regular communication regarding your progress, everyone loves smashing their goals!